Manual Testing

Chapter 1: Fundamentals of Testing

• Why is testing necessary?
• What is testing?
• Economics of Testing
o Black Box Testing
o White Box Testing
• Software Testing Principles
• Fundamental Test Process

Chapter 2: Testing throughout the software life cycle

• Software Development models
o V – Model
o Iterative Life Cycles
• Test Levels
o Component Testing
o Integration Testing
o System Testing
o Acceptance Testing
o Maintenance testing

Chapter 3: Static Techniques

• Reviews and the test process
• Review Process
• Inspections and Walkthroughs
• Code Inspection

Chapter 4: Test Design Techniques

• Identifying test conditions and designing test cases
• Categories of test design techniques
• Specification-based or black-box techniques
o Boundary Value Analysis
o Decision Table Testing
o Equivalence Partitioning
o State Transition Testing
o Use Case Testing
• Structure-based or white-box techniques
o Code Coverage
o Decision Coverage
o Statement Coverage
o Structural Testing
• Experience-based techniques
o Error Guessing
o Exploratory Testing
• Choosing a test technique

Chapter 5: Test Management

• Test Organization
• Test Plans, Estimates, and strategies
• Test progress monitoring and control
• Configuration Management
• Risk and Testing
• Incident Management

Chapter 6: Other Testing Types

• Function Testing
• Volume Testing
• Stress Testing
• Usability Testing
• Security Testing
• Performance Testing
• Configuration Testing
• Reliability Testing
• Recovery Testing

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